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Various Thing That Causes Headaches

Almost everyone has felt the pain or headache. Data show that 90% of human populations have experienced this disorder once or twice a year. Headaches also become the second largest reason for someone to visit the doctor.

Causes and types of headaches are quite a lot. Therefore, knowing with certainty the cause and type is the first step to healing. Here are some types of head pain disorders are often in pain and Headache Cures:

* Tension headaches. Symptoms begin with muscle tension in neck, shoulder, and skull due to emotional distress. The pain always started from the back of his head, creeping forward, then to both sides of the head.
* Migraine headaches. Generally, the headache that is felt more severe than headaches due to tension. Migraines always felt on one side of the head alone and often behind one eye. Then came the term "headaches." Patients with migraine in women about three times more than men. The cause is mainly due to hormonal changes.
* Headache with a variety of symptoms. This disorder occurs mainly in men. Symptoms include unusual pain and is generally focused around the eye socket with watery eyes and runny nose.
* Post-traumatic headaches. It often comes as a result of an accident, although only slightly injured in the head. The pain sometimes occurs after weeks or months after injury and may last up to a year after the trauma.
Allergic Headaches. This disorder is often accompanied with symptoms of runny nose, watery eyes, and throat pain. Appearance can be caused by certain foods or anything that can cause allergies.
* Sinus headaches. This disorder is easily known from the symptoms. Closed one nostril or both and the pain extends to the upper cheeks and forehead. The parts are very sensitive feel so touched by it will be painful in cash.
* In addition to the specific cause headaches, there are also headaches that arise solely as a secondary symptom of the condition of the body was not right and requires medical treatment.

The following guidelines can be used as reference to solve the headache problem, namely:
* If the headache is felt even worse in the morning rather than during the day, signs of high blood pressure.
* If the headache accompanied by pain in the eyes, ears or teeth, indicating the occurrence of infection.
* Had headaches always occur after performing a task that relies on the sense of vision such as reading or sewing, a sign there are irregularities in the eye.
* Tumors, stroke, or it may be difficult to sleep can be a cause of sudden headache is very painful. As a result, the body feels weak and accompanied by blurred vision. This headache often begins as a small and increasingly severe pain in the morning. Examination required as soon as possible to determine the cause.
* If a headache accompanied by fever and stiff neck, chances are you stricken with meningitis. Medical treatment is needed.
* If the headaches appear suddenly and very painful, a sign of arterial blood vessels in the brain to rupture. It can be life threatening. Medical management should be done immediately.


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