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Tips to Cure Headaches Naturally 1

Headache greatly impede our work, especially if we're a lot of work that deadline, it feels like just disappeared ...
When we are sick head, what are we looking for? definitely migraine headaches. How about an unusual take medication? or even allergy medications? not cured the headache, but other diseases came over. Here are tips that can help to relieve headaches naturally;

Headache Cures

1. Drinking water. The headaches are often triggered by dehydration. When you lose a lot of heat and fluid accompanied by head pain, white water consumption immediately. Sit for a while, then drink water slowly. Do not do a lot of movement until the headaches disappear.

2. Drink 1 cup of Wedang tea, given the lime juice 1 tablespoon and a little salt (no sugar, but could use honey)

3. Inhale slowly, looking close your eyes. Closed his eyes is an effective way to relieve muscle tension that causes eye pain head.

4. Try eating hot soup. After that, try sleeping in a quiet atmosphere or dim.

5. Bundle of leaves and stems of water spinach boiled half cooked, eaten as a vegetable.

6. Away from the computer. Computer Radiation can also cause pain in the head. This usually happens to you who spend long hours at the computer. Try to turn off the monitor, then go out of the room to get some fresh air.

7. Soaking in warm water can also cure your headache.

8. Use your index finger and thumb to gently press
your nose. And, have a massage at the temple in turn. But remember, do not press too hard.

9. Compress heads. Take a soft cloth or small towel, then wet with cold temperature water. Then, paste in the back of the head and neck. That way could reduce the pain because it makes a relaxing effect.

10. Meditation. When he appeared headache try to meditate. Close your eyes, inhale and hold for five seconds then slowly waste. Focus your mind on things that are fun. That way you can reduce muscle tension headache triggers, due to psychological pressure


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