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10 Magic Ways to Cure Headache

When the headache attack, the activities we are so disturbed. Usually people taking drugs directly suppress remedy. However, there are other ways maybe some, could be an option to relieve pain in the head, without swallowing drugs. Choose Which roughly fit for you.

10 option for headache cures :

1. Botox This drug may be known as a wrinkle remover, but it is also potent toxin magic to relieve headaches. Botox can make the muscles that are contracting due to headaches become relaxed. These drugs block the sensory nerves that transmit pain messages to the brain and to relieve tension in forehead and back of neck. About 8 injections, which feels just like a pinprick, enough to ease the pain in the head.

New effect was felt around 8-10 days after injection.

2. Acupuncture
Needling technique is recognized can relieve headaches. The pins are inserted on the sick, usually as the neck, forehead and cheeks. For those of you who fear needles need not worry because the needle is very small so it is likely not going to be felt.
The use of acupuncture conducted in titik2 recommended using 10 to 12 needles, 30 minutes per week, for 10 to 12 weeks.
This treatment can make patients feel relaxed. Usually the maximum results can be felt for several months to a year.

3. Sex
Sex can release the pain that hit someone's head. Because endorphins and other pain relievers hormone also released during orgasm, so they can make a person feel relaxed and more calm.

4. Exercise or sports
If you often experience headaches & secaras require periodic treatment, the sport is a way. When you're active, you increase stamina, reduce stress and sleep better.
The harder the exercise, for example (jogging, brisk walking, swimming), the more lost the pain caused by tension in the head. Exercise aimed at muscles shoulder & neck, masing2 SLM 100 times & coupled with a bicycle pedaling ergonomics and stretching.
However, if you experience migraine, this kind of rigorous training will only make things worse, so get to know you baik2 type headache.

5. Water
This is one more reason why you are recommended to drink 8 glasses a day. Dehydration is one of the biggest causes of headaches.
When the body does not get enough water, the body begins to store fluid already there and give the signal 'thirst', including through the headache / migraine.
The good news is with a drink, you can feel a little better. So, for body condition tetaap balanced & awake, then drink 8-10 glasses of water each day.
However, do not overdo it too, because of excess fluid in the body can reduce the levels of electrolytes and sodium in the body.

6. Synopsis
When the headache attack, then the activity was so disturbed. Usually people simply taking drugs to suppress it. However, there are several other ways that might be an option to relieve pain in the head, without swallowing drugs.

7. Snacks
You just got home from work and your head feels like it had been punched. you just realized that it was many hours you do not fill the stomach that day.
When the body does not get the input of food, blood sugar levels become unstable, causing headaches. This is the body's way of saying, "Give me to eat. I'm starving!"
Take snacks such as apples, for example, to relieve headaches & bring your blood sugar levels back to normal. Reject the temptation to pick candy, because its sugar content can be surprising and even mess up your sugar levels.

8. Caffeine
Besides can make eyes tired to stay awake, coffee has turned out another advantage, which caffeine can control the pain of the head.
In addition, caffeine can also facilitate the absorption of migraine drugs. Not only that, caffeine is also able to curb attacks of headache with interesting / pursed blood vessels.
However, even so, for some people, caffeine can actually cause headaches instead. So consumption carefully, everyone tiadk same.

9. Sleep
Took sleep for 8 hours may seem rare, especially when you quite busy. However, sleeping too much / little can cause headaches.
The human body requires at least 7 hours to recharge up to back refreshed and headache could be lost because of it. Try to sleep and wake at the same hour every day.

10. Write
You can pour all the burden of thinking through writing. Too much thinking can make a sore head, so that by pouring it in a paper load is believed to create a burden on the head to be underestimated.

For those of you who often suffer from headache disorders is not unbearable, so it's good if you immediately went to the doctor.

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