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Know What Thing Cause Headaches

Headache Cures

Emotional tension
A too heavy workload often triggers a sense of nyut nyut once in the head. In fact, all the things that cause tension and stress will make us more susceptible to headaches or migraines. Headaches caused by emotional tension headache is called functional or tension headaches.

Symptoms begin with muscle tension in neck, shoulder, and skull due to emotional distress. The pain always started from the back of his head, creeping forward, then to both sides of the head. Light massage in that section could reduce the headache, but after a while complaints will be returned.

2. Hormonal Changes
Diakibakan headaches due to hormonal changes is usually a severe headache that occurs on one side of the head. Generally this headache feels heavier than the headaches due to tension. Patients with migraine in women about three times more than men. The cause is mainly due to hormonal changes.

3. Hot air
The increase in air temperature often causes migraine or severe headache. In a study found 7.5 percent of respondents experiencing headaches when hot air.

4. The smell is too strong
Have you ever felt dizzy because of the scent of perfume? The smell a strong odor, even a fragrance, usually causes headache. Not yet known why this happened, but experts suspect the smell that has a strong aroma stimulates the nervous system. Besides perfume, the smell of paint, flowers, or dust, often causing throbbing head.

5. Hair Accessories
The way we treat the hair can be influential to the head. Tying hair too tightly can make tissues in the head became tense and invite headaches. Headbands, hairpins, also a hat that is too narrow will cause the same effect.

6. Sports
Exercise that is too heavy, including sex, can also cause headaches. Excessive physical activity can make the blood vessels in the head and neck swelling and depressed. Headaches caused by sports or sex is easier to attack people who are often affected by migraine.

7. Posture
Not just sports sweat which can cause pressure on the neck and head muscles. Posture which is formed from daily habits can also cause headaches. Call it a habit to sit with your shoulders hunched, sitting without a backrest, staring at a computer monitor positioned too high or low, or flanking the phone between ear and shoulder. If lately you are often attacked by a headache, it's time to improve your posture daily.

8. Trauma
These headaches often occur as a result of an accident, although only slightly injured in the head. The pain sometimes occurs after weeks or months after injury and may last up to a year after the trauma.

9. Cheese
Triggers headaches, migraines, aka, the most common are cheese, including cheddar, blue cheese, mozzarella and parmesan. The reason is tyramine, which is formed from a protein already broken down, which is in cheese. The longer the process of food or drink, the more tyramine it contains.

10. Red wine
Tyramine can also be found in red wine and liquor. Terkadung alcohol in drinks that will increase blood flow to the brain, so that the head feels dizzy.

11. Skipping lunch
Empty stomach because of no time to eat lunch in some people often cause headaches. In addition to dizziness, an empty stomach also makes the blood sugar down, consequently the body feels weak. Immediately lunch with balanced nutrition. Avoid eating sweet foods, like chocolate to fill an empty stomach. Sugar from sweet foods will make your blood sugar to soar then fall even lower.

12. Allergy
This disorder is often accompanied with symptoms of runny nose, watery eyes, and throat pain. Appearance can be caused by certain foods or anything that can cause allergies.

13. Cigarette
Smoking is included in the cause of headaches, not just against people who smoke, but also passive smokers in the vicinity. The content of nicotine causes blood vessels to the brain constrict, resulting in reduced blood flow to the brain.

14. Caffeine
The people who frequent headaches are usually friendly with coffee. Caffeine can indeed become friends as well as opponents. In fact, several kinds of headache medicines contain caffeine in it. But on the other hand, caffeine can also cause headaches.

15. Sinus
Sinus headaches have a disorder that is easy to determine from the symptoms. Closed one nostril or both and the pain extends to the upper cheeks and forehead. The parts are very sensitive feel so touched by it will be painful in cash.

That's fifteen things that can trigger headaches. Some of them may not be aware can cause extreme headaches. Therefore, the important thing is to keep the condition of the body to keep fit by adopting a healthy lifestyle since from now. If the headache that occurs continuously going on and does not work with painkillers mengguanakn head, you should immediately consult a doctor.


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